We produce people with working visas (technical, humanities, international business qualifications)
with the aim of promoting them to full-time positions.

We will produce people who have graduated from a Japanese vocational school, university, or a four-year university in their home country and have a work visa or who can obtain a work visa.
They have a status of residence that allows them to acquire specialized knowledge and work using that knowledge, qualifications, and achievements.
These are foreign human resources with excellent abilities who can be expected to play an active role.

Advantages of accepting foreigners with specific skills

Reduce the effort and cost required for recruitment.

Securing foreign human resources requires various efforts and costs, such as job advertisements, responding to applicants, interviews, and selection. Leave the selection of foreign personnel to us.Since we introduce candidates based on the conditions we have heard from companies, we can reduce the effort required for interviews and selection.Additionally, our company uses a contingency fee system, which means that you only incur costs if you actually hire someone, which reduces the cost of posting job advertisements.

You can search for human resources by narrowing down your criteria.

Unlike job advertisements that target a large number of people, we can narrow down conditions such as skills, experience, cultural background, and visa type, and introduce foreign human resources that better meet the company's needs.
At our company, we carefully listen to job requirements, etc., and pinpoint the most suitable foreign human resources that companies are looking for.

You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by expanding overseas.

New projects and new business development (especially overseas transactions) provide opportunities for foreign human resources to demonstrate their abilities and play an active role. This will be your chance to stand out from your competitors with a new, ambitious workforce.

Support for recruitment procedures is also available.

We will provide strong support to companies that have never hired foreign personnel before, including the necessary documentation procedures (visas, etc.) and confirmation of language skills when hiring foreign personnel, so that they can hire them with confidence.