Japan BD International Staffing and Recruiting Company Limited is Japan’s base for recruitment departments for Recruit’s the largest human resource services company in Japan.

Introducing a wide range of bilingual human resources, mainly Japanese companies and global companies doing business in Japan. Since Japan has a low birth rate and an aging population, the working population is expected to decline in the future. In addition to the “Action Plan for Realizing Work Style Reform” by the Japanese government, many companies actively employ and utilize external labor forces such as temporary workers and outsourcing, and work long hours and labor shortages. Has been eliminated. As governments and companies intensify their work-style reform actions, the temporary labor industry is increasingly expected to improve the working environment to allow older people, young people, and parenting parents to have easy access to the labor market It is.

In order to achieve “equal wages for the same work,” revisions to the Labor Contract Law, Part-time Worker Law, and Worker Dispatch Law are being considered.

What the dispatched labor industry must do now is to review the working environment of the dispatched workers so that they are properly assigned, improve their skills, and realize the careers they have chosen.

Growth and vitality that allows each worker to select a job opportunity that suits his / her lifestyle, create various opportunities to work with pride and joy, and make the most of his skills Aiming to create a society.

The association is striving to achieve meaningful career development and stable employment for temporary employees, and hopes that this will contribute to the further development of Japan.

Message From President

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that there was a Bangladeshi man from South Asia in Japan who was in trouble, and he wanted me to give him some advice.Since then, I have been providing support in various ways.

There are many university students and people with specific skills who can work in Japan, so this will help with the labor shortage that many companies are facing due to Japan's declining population, which is a social issue. So in 2019, I obtained a worker dispatch business license and paid employment placement license, and started the company. (Registered as a registered support organization in 2023)

Currently, our company provides human resources introduction, temporary staffing, and registration support services for foreigners with specific skills in South Asian countries.
We have established a system that allows us to provide everything from recruitment to post-employment follow-up in one place.

Additionally, we have established Japanese language schools in Bangladesh and Nepal to provide Japanese language education that improves Japanese communication skills and fosters cultural knowledge. We are currently growing to 9 schools. We conduct regular on-site visits and regular online meetings, and while always working in close collaboration, we introduce to companies the excellent and serious graduates we have cultivated through our own education.

We are determined to continue responding to a wide range of needs of our business partners, providing a bright future for young people in South Asian countries, and doing our best to contribute to the development of Japan.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

President Kazunori Tagashira

Company Profile

Company Name Japan BD International Staffing and Recruiting Co.,Ltd.
Address #7F 1-35 Daikokucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima-ken 720-0053 Japan
Representative President Kazunori Tagashira
Year of founded August 1st, 2019
Tel +81-84-983-2217
Fax +81-84-999-6609

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