Upon request,We will dispatch excellent,
highly-skilled foreign human resources.

We help graduates of four-year universities from overseas (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.) obtain Japanese work visas. We select foreign human resources in their 20s to 30s who have qualifications appropriate to the industry and perform temporary work during the contract period.
After 6 months of being dispatched, you will be asked to decide whether or not to promote you as a full-time employee, and you will be able to be promoted to a full-time employee based on your company's decision.

Advantages of dispatching foreign personnel

You can secure young human resources full of motivation and energy.

Foreign workers are highly motivated to work and show a serious and motivated attitude. The activities of young people full of motivation and energy energize the entire workplace and have a positive influence on other employees.

you can secure foreign human resources that match your needs.

We have accumulated the know-how to secure human resources who can meet your company's needs. We select foreign human resources who meet your desired conditions, so we can stably secure the necessary human resources.

After 6 months, you can become a full-time employee.

After 6 months of working at your company, you can be promoted to a full-time employee according to your company's decision. It is possible to welcome highly skilled foreign personnel as employees of your company.

There is no need for complicated document procedures or labor management.

You can rest assured that the burden on your company will be kept to a minimum, as you can leave all of the paperwork and labor management that you are concerned about when hiring foreign personnel to us.